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This Is How You Can Finally Get Positive ROI on Your Online Advertising

If you've read our free guide, you know that there a number of factors that go into creating successful online ad campaigns.  Three of the most important ones are:

  • Giving the ad networks a large variety of ad creatives to test
  • Letting your ads run long enough for the ad networks to find your ideal audience
  • Continually split-test your ads and audiences to ensure your ads are always improving

Prior to the days of Artificial Intelligence - and because most of the above was done manually - it was very time consuming and expensive to create and test all the ad and audience variations in the proper manner.

Fortunately, AI Ads Wizard is here to make successful online ad campaigns accessible to everyone. As you can see in our demo video, our software takes care of everything for you so you can focus on running your business.

How AI Ads Wizard is Changing Online Advertising

AI Ads Wizard is a new software solution that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to allow anyone to quickly set-up and monitor advertising campaigns across a variety of ad networks. The process works like this:

step 1

Connect Your Ad Accounts (1 minute)

We never mark up your ad spend. You'll pay your chosen advertising platform(s) directly so you'll have complete transparency and control through the life of your campaigns.

This step only has to be done one time.

step 2

Choose Your Ad Networks (1 minute)

Different prospects hang out in different places. AI Ads Wizard works with Google (Search, Display, Shopping, Local Lead and Youtube) ads, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Linkedin, Tiktok, and Snapchat - with more being added soon.

step 3

Add the URL You Wish to Promote (2 minutes)

Our AI will analyze the information you submit and create a variety of compelling text, image and video ads, as well as suggested audiences. You'll be shocked at how low the daily budgets can be get started.

step 4

Submit Your Campaigns (1 minute)

You can edit anything you wish or you can simply tap a button to submit your campaign(s) for approval. That's it. Your work is done ... but AI Ads Wizard is just getting started.

After You Submit Your Campaign(s), the Magic Really Begins.

At this point, you're a few minutes in and you've already created a variety of ads that would compete with some of the best ad creators around.

But AI Ads Wizard has just begun. Once you've done your part, our software will automatically monitor all of your ads to see which are performing best. After 7 to 12 days, it will begin allocating your budget to better performing ads and test new ads.

This process will continue automatically. And when this split-testing works in conjunction with the ad networks finding better audiences for your offer, your ads will improve over time.

This is exactly how online ads should  be set up and monitored but technology restraints have always made it too expensive and time-consuming for the average business owner.

Not anymore! 

Please Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget

Whether it be people, time or initiatives almost every business has waste in their marketing departments and that waste hinders your ability to scale your business. The only reason it exists is because you don't know for certain what is working and what isn't.

However, this doesn't need to apply to online advertising. You can and must track everything you're doing so you can see what what you can continue to fund and what you can cut out altogether.

In the past, this was difficult to do but AI Ads Wizard does this automatically for you.

The Early Results Are In!

Though our software is still new, the early results are extremely promising.

Software as a Service Sees Surprising Success

SaaS targets CEOs and Founders with Linkedin ads and gets clicks for 35 cents and leads for $2.45 each

San Fran Gym Profitable with $5 per day Ad Budget

14 day test saw cost per lead drop from $30 to $9 on $5 per day Facebook ad budget.

Local HVAC Company Cuts Cost per Lead by 75%

Local HVAC business reduces Meta (Facebook) cost per lead from $27 to $6.70 in 4 weeks.

Arizona Realtor Cuts Cost per Lead by 50%

Cost per lead on a $500,000 home dropped from $89 to $45 in 14 days using a $5 per day Facebook ads budget.

New Author Gets 23X ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Amateur author with no experience running paid advertising spends $280 on Instagram ads and sells 185 books at $35 each within 7 days.

Local Roofer Booked Two Months Out

Local roofer gets Facebook leads for $4 each and generates $250,000 in new projects within 90 days.

Pricing for AI Ads Wizard

Our software is still extremely new and we'll be testing a variety of pricing plans across two different options. We'll have a Do It Yourself option where you'll gain access to the software and set up your own campaigns.  

And we'll have a completely Done for You option where we'll set up and maintain your campaigns within your ad accounts.  

Do It Yourself $197/mth

  • Gain full access to AI Ads Wizard software
  • Integrate with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads, Google Search, Google Display, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads
  • AI copywriter, AI targeting, Creative Hub for ad templates, insight finder + more
  • Unlimited ad accounts, Unlimited ad spend, and team members
  • Ultra-responsive email support 

Done For You (contact us for pricing)

  • Same as DIY but we do EVERYTHING for you
  • You still have direct access to all of your ad accounts and campaigns
  • Additional advice and coaching if required
  • Ultra-responsive email support

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with this decision just let us know within 60 days of purchasing and we'll send you a prompt refund. As long as you use the software, you will see results within this time frame.

Still Not Sure? Let's Do Some Math

Marketing is all about numbers and numbers don't lie. You've already seen what AI Ads Wizard can do and how quickly it can do it. You've seen how results will only improve over time and how much you'll be paying if you want access.

Compare that to the price of a Marketing Manager ($90,000 per year) or a decent ad agency ($24,000 to $56,000 per year) and throw in the fact that whatever you're doing currently probably isn't working. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gotten this far.

Finally, this isn't an irreversible decision that you need to make right now. You can keep your current infrastructure and test AI Ads Wizard with as many or as few campaigns as you wish for the next 60 days. At that point, you'll know for sure whether this is right for your business and you can keep it or ask for a full refund. Sound reasonable?

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