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  • How ad networks really work and how you can manipulate the algorithms to your advantage
  • Why it only seems that the ad networks favor advertisers with huge budgets (they really don’t)
  • The secret to consistently better advertising results even with minimal ad budgets
  • The new AI tool that will turn you into an expert media buyer and let you compete on any ad network despite limited budgets or experience

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Stop Wasting Your Marketing Budget

Whether it be people, time or initiatives almost every business has waste in their marketing departments and that waste hinders your ability to scale your business. The only reason it exists is because you don't know for certain what is working and what isn't.

However, this doesn't need to apply to online advertising. You can and must track everything you're doing so you can see what what you can continue to fund and what you can cut out altogether.

In the past this was difficult to do but our free guide covers how to do this in the easiest and most effective manner possible.

AI Ads Wizard is Changing the Online Advertising Game

AI Ads Wizard is a new software solution that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to allow anyone to quickly set-up and monitor advertising campaigns across a variety of ad networks. 

With just a few clicks you'll have a complete campaign ready to submit to the ad platform of your choice. That campaign will include a variety of:

  • Intriguing headlines designed to get high click-thru rates
  • Captivating Images or videos that will stop the scroll and grab attention
  • Compelling descriptions and ad copy to entice your ideal customers to take action
  • Audiences or keywords most likely to contain your ideal customers

If you have any experience with paid ads, you know how time-consuming and expensive the above tasks can be but AI Ads Wizard will have this all done in a couple of minutes.

You can edit anything you wish or simply submit your campaign using everything AI Ads Wizard has given you.

As cool as this is already, we're just getting started. Once your campaign is live, AI Ads Wizard will monitor your ads to determine which are performing best and automatically allocate your budget accordingly.

It will also split-test new ad creatives against your existing ones. This constant testing of new ads combined with the ad network finding the ideal audience for your offer over time, results in your campaign constantly improving.

This happens automatically and requires no really skill to set up nor time to maintain.

Pretty cool, right?

The Early Results Are In!

Though our software is still new, the early results are extremely promising.

Software as a Service Sees Surprising Success

SaaS targets CEOs and Founders with Linkedin ads and gets clicks for 35 cents and leads for $2.45 each

San Fran Gym Profitable with $5 per day Ad Budget

14 day test saw cost per lead drop from $30 to $9 on $5 per day Facebook ad budget.

Local HVAC Company Cuts Cost per Lead by 75%

Local HVAC business reduces Meta (Facebook) cost per lead from $27 to $6.70 in 4 weeks.

Arizona Realtor Cuts Cost per Lead by 50%

Cost per lead on a $500,000 home dropped from $89 to $45 in 14 days using a $5 per day Facebook ads budget.

New Author Gets 23X ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Amateur author with no experience running paid advertising spends $280 over 7 days on Instagram ads and sells 185 books for $35 each.

Local Roofer Booked Two Months Out

Local roofer gets leads through Facebook for $4 each and generates $250,000 in new projects within 90 days.

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